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The Summer Treehouse Camp at Wild Roots is committed to providing a safe, enriching, and stimulating environment for school age children during the summer months. We offer age-appropriate activities that encourage social, physical, emotional, and creative growth, as well as trained and certified staff members to serve as positive role models and facilitators. We strongly believe in a child-centered program in which the themed curriculum is sensitive to the needs and interests of the group. Often, when children become engrossed in an activity, our counselors allow more time in order to achieve a natural transition to the next event, rather than a scheduled one.

We live in the beautiful state of Vermont, and believe in trying out as many new experiences in the fresh air as the weather permits. Our five themed two-week sessions are designed based on our mission to engage children in developmentally appropriate, exciting activities that hold outdoor exploration and appreciation, community service, physical fitness, and relaxation at the heart! We are committed to making this summer as fun and enriching as possible for your child!


"I loved the staff and how they cared for my child. The ratios were great. Swimming daily is a necessity! It's one of the major reasons we enrolled our child."

— Parent of Camper

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