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Wild Roots is a 5 STAR pre-qualified provider with the Agency of Education and offers high quality publicly funded pre-K education for 3-5 year olds. Universal Pre-K (known as Act166) funds 10 hours of Pre-K per week during the school year. Our commitment to Play and the natural environment. We are happily located on three acres of green space with awesome views of The Adirondacks, and have the largest natural playscape of any local program. We are further developing our outdoor classrooms to extend learning out of doors and promote every child's enthusiastic engagement with the natural world. We are a certified Eco-Healthy Childcare program, and are committed to reducing children's exposure to environmental health hazards, using sustainable materials and educating children and families about healthy environmental choices. We have three full day preschool classrooms (Foxes, Chipmunks, Catamounts) and one dedicated part-day classroom (Fireflies).


The Joy of Learning

We encourage your children to make sense of their world by testing their own theories and exploring with their classmates. Our teachers offer invitations and act as facilitators for the childrren's ideas. So when Max wanted to understand all about how flowers grow, we made certain he had the seeds, soil, sand, and all the time he needed to pick dandelions for paintbrushes, and his friends helped him too.

Qualified and Caring Staff
We employ licensed early childhood teachers, and all of our lead teachers have professional degrees in early childhood education. All staff continually participate in Professional Development coursework that benefits your child in unique ways through behavioral observation, curriculum design and professional collaboration in best practices. 

Parent Partnership
We believe that parents are every child's first teacher. To promote a strong home-school connection, we utilize classroom blogs, host parent forums and offer developmental screenings to understand each child and family.

Safe and Settled
All of our classrooms are mixed age (3-5yrs) in order to provide a diverse environment that supports all developmental levels. Our teachers are skilled at fostering empathy and collaboration to develop social interactions, emotional regulation and adaptive skills which are an essential part of developing the "whole child".


“Annette's is a preschool for families looking for self-driven playtime, creative outlets, and lots of outdoor time & respect for nature. They encourage self-reliance and independence in the kids, allowing for more autonomy than we've seen in other preschools.”

— Parent

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